Every item in the shop helps support local + global artisans while providing one-of-kind, hand crafted, pieces for your home that will last a lifetime! 

My name is Akasha and I am 26 years old. I love traveling, learning about people and creating meaningful spaces! In college, I studied Cultural Anthropology and Applied Psychology where I discovered a new way of looking at the world…one where we are all interconnected as one human family. When I was a sophomore in college, I began importing Turkish towels and realized that “things” could actually allow us to feel connected to people and give us insight into their cultures.

As a little girl, I grew up with a single mom who taught me to see beauty in simple things. She would pickup furniture from the side of the road and manage to turn it into something beautiful. As a teenager, I remember locking myself in my room for hours and completely rearranging my furniture to create a fresh new space using what I already had. Moving around often, I always treasured a few things that allowed me to create my own little sanctuary wherever life took me.

After college, I took a trip back to Bali and began planning a way I could combine the things that are important to me in life, into a dream job. In a society where we are constantly replacing “things” I wanted to help my customers carefully select meaningful, one-of-a-kind pieces for their home that are made with love and meant to be passed down for generations.

Sandy Chique features a curated collection of bohemian-inspired homewares and vintage rugs, handmade by artisans around the globe. We go straight to the makers to bring one-of-a-kind, homewares and vintage pieces that are rich in culture. The products in our shop are crafted using generational knowledge that has been perfected over the years.


Press: https://shoutoutla.com/meet-akasha-greff-small-business-owner-cultural-anthropologist/